Who We Are

5 West Group

Our story begins with a strong background in real estate. Building on generations of experience in east coast real estate construction and development. 5 West Group was formed with a focus on the Midwest, replicating the same passion and ambition; infusing new energy and life to apartment communities throughout the Midwest. Our dynamic team is taking steps to the future as we revolutionize every market we operate in.

Experience with New Age Energy.

Driven to Inspire!

Existing Communities: We take older or distressed properties and rehabilitate them from the ground up to give them a new purpose, while preserving their unique historical character. The properties we own and operate include restored historic landmarks, classic apartment communities.

New Communities: We build new apartment communities from ground-up. Our unique formula has proved to provide value to the areas we develop, enhancing the socioeconomic makeup of neighborhoods, attracting a great sustainable tenancy base, and improving the surrounding areas.
We strive to be a responsible member of the local community.

How we do it

We emphasis on correcting structural issues. We use the best in class materials replacing antiquated appliances and fixtures. We implement tech savvy strategies. Focus on energy and resource efficiencies. Previously deteriorating properties are given a full scale makeovers, premium kitchens, trendy light fixtures, personalized and professional customer service.


Generating a renewed community vibe and spirit, attracting a sustainable and vibrant, modern tenancy base, Our dynamic team is pushing us ahead as innovators in the industry.

Acquisition Criteria

Vacant/Distressed Complexes

Value Add


Midwestern & Mid Atlantic Regions

Our dynamic team is pushing us ahead as innovators in the industry.


5 West Group is lead by a powerful group of experts, hailing from different parts of the real estate industry.

Extensive collective experience in the fields of finance, accounting, construction, commercial and residential real estate management and development synthesize; resulting a meticulous attention to details, rapid execution times and complete dedication to provide full scale real estate solutions.